Chana Leah

What happened to your website? I miss the new poems...Please post some more.
Chana Leah

Donal Mahoney

I read Lark every week, even when new material is not posted. I've never felt deprived by the lack of background notes on the contributors until November 3 when I read the prose poem by Eunsong Kim. Since I normally do not respond well to prose poems, I was amazed at how moved I was by "A Myth of Somekind, Not Mine," and I wanted to know more about the author. That kind of info did not appear available on Lark, or maybe I don't know where to find it, so I Googled her name. What I found did not say anything about her as a writer. There is someone of the same name who is involved in scientific work. If it's the same person, I guess I'd like to know if this is her maiden effort in writing or if she and the scientist are one and the same person and she has been writing "on the side' for some time. If her Lark piece is as good as I think it is, I hope we see more of her work on this site. Thanks for listening.

Beef Stewart & the Country Cadillacs

We loved it all, cucaracha, the drawings, and especially constellation, very good. We hope to submit a poetic audio sometime. Thanks for the site. A very good mix.......much appreciated...Beef

Mike Lane

I love this site.

I loved-
La Cucaracha
very much.

I love the mix you have here. I sent this link to 2 friends of mine.

I'll be back often. Submit a poem or two for consideration.

Do you take pieces that have appeared else where, online or in print?

Good job.

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